How to order furniture

To order a piece of furniture from Alancraft, please give us a call, write us by email, be as specific as you can as far as what you are looking for , include rough dimensions, type of wood and finish if possible.

Many clients choose to order an existing design, choosing materials from among our samples. Adjustments in size can be made to most pieces. Lead time is 2-8 weeks depending on the size of the project and a 50% deposit is required.

Customers who wish to have furniture designed for them, to fit their specific space or needs:

Before committing to the project we usually meet with client at the space which the piece of furniture is intended for that way we can take proper measurements and finalize all the design details.

At the meeting we also discuss the type of finish and later on provide samples, which need to be approved by the client.A 50% deposit is required in order to start the work on the project.

From this point lead time is usually 2-8 weeks, as always we welcome you to come to our work shop while your piece is under construction.

Once the piece is delivered the final payment is due in full.

How we price things

General speaking, labor is more of a factor than materials. It takes a lot of time to make a quality piece of furniture.

Moving parts, such as door and drawers add expense. Certain processes are much more expensive than others. Hard woods are more difficult to work with than softer ones. Tables with slides and leaves, for example, take more time to make than those without.

Certain woods are not only more expensive for us to acquire, but are much more difficult to work with because of their grain structure or sheer hardness.

We provide alternatives to our customers to lower the cost on certain projects, for example a walnut veneered table would cost less than a solid walnut one, and would look almost the same.

As always we use quality woods and materials for the best possible results so your piece of furniture will last and function well for a long period of time.